Heart of England Crystal Radio Club

Geoff Roberts – G8DHI

Geoff Robert's Radio

Geoff Roberts loves to build crystal sets. He has been a master craftsman for more years than he would admit. As a teenager he became interested in ham radio. He is licensed as G8DHI. Geoff has combined his electronic knowledge with his leather wood, and metal craft skills to turn out some outstanding radios. He owns and operates a crystal radio business website at crystalreceivers.co.uk.

See an article about Geoff published in the SWLing Blog. READ MORE

Roy Frettsome – G4WPW

Roy Frettsome is also a ham radio operator using the call sign G4WPW. Roy likes building crystal radios as they did in the beginning. That is, Roy has built sets using variometer tuning, and cats whisker detectors. His builds look much better than the originals too. READ MORE

John Allen

John Allen is also a master craftsman. He built a very nice high performance crystal radio, and at the same time made it attractive enough to please his partner. Our congratulations to him. READ MORE

Nick Strong – G0CWA

Nick Strong, G0CWA, also a ham operator has used his head and mechanical skills to come up with a litz wire winding machine. He built a quite attractive multiband crystal radio, and a replica of the famous Australian Mystery Set circuit. READ MORE

Jools Slater

I am strictly a 'newby' in that my speciality is foxhole radios. If you might be interested in those, I have a whole load of photos of various contraptions I have built that work with razor blades and such like. I wanted to get right back to the beginning of the science and have been successful in building sets that work with a collection of household items. READ MORE

Josephs Jackson's Radios

the slant front receiver was from a kit I assembled back in my youth. It is a "No. 2 Long Distance Crystal Receiver" from Modern Radio Labs - a popular source back in those days. I did re-house it in the current cabinet recently. READ MORE

Tom Kipgen's Radio

Tom Kipgen, a radio builder in the USA has joined the club and presents us with pictures of his latest crystal set. Feast your eyes on the wood and brass work and marvel at the mechanics of his set. READ MORE

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The Tate Exhibition

Our club had an exhibition at the Tate Britain

Join Our Club!

This website is dedicated to the people around the world that like to build crystal sets. You don't have to be in the UK to join. Anyone with some pictures of their sets can join.

Send an e-mail to Email: geoff.beltane@btopenworld.com and this will get the ball rolling.