Joseph Jackson

Joseph's Slant Face Crystal Radio

Crystal radio in wooden box with galena and catswhisker detector

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The slant front receiver was from a kit I assembled back in my youth. It is a "No. 2 Long Distance Crystal Receiver" from Modern Radio Labs - a popular source back in those days. I did re-house it in the current cabinet recently. There were a number of other sets in those years now gone by - unfortunately, most were eventually salvaged for other projects by an inquisitive youngster (me!). I do still have a few others planned - just waiting for the proper mix of energy and inspiration to begin them.

Catshisker detector using lamp parts


The lone crystal detector pictured was constructed using mostly electric lamp fittings - it is very adjustable and works quite well in circuit.

Joseph's Fox Hole Crystal Radio

Foxhole crystal radio using a razor blade detector


There is a "foxhole" set from a few years ago where I settled on a flat-wound coil as I imagined it would be common in such constructions - and I found a military headset of similar vintage to pair with it (unfortunately, I have found the razor blade detector to be insensitive to all but the most powerful of regional stations).

Joseph's Decorative Crystal Radio

Decorative crystal radio using a catshisker and galena detector stand. An adjustable slider coil is present


The small receiver on the Chinese base was built in the recent past using various components saved up over the years for such a project. T he coil itself is a commercial wave trap of appropriate vintage - it works quite well in this configuration.

Joseph's Vertical Crystal Radio

Vertical slider coil crystal radio with catwhisker detector


The vertical coil receiver was one I made some 40+/- years ago while still in my teens and uses a hand-wound, double slider coil along with a commonly available detector.